one of two family coats of arms

The von Rosenberg Family of Texas

The von Rosenbergs in Texas

von Rosenberg house at Henkel Sq.

Relatives in Texas

Plains Indian with Shield by Petri

The Family Before Texas

Eckitten in East Prussia 1840’s

Baltic/East Prussia:  1500 – 1849

Sweden:  before 1500

division of the roses

Czech Roots:  around 1250 – ?

Czech Roots:  before 1250 (Option Rome, Italy — Ursini / Orsini)

Czech Roots:  before 1250 (Option Austria)

Czech Roots:  before 1250 (Option Czech)

Roman Direct Route Possibility (perhaps between 54 and 68 or around 900)

Descendants in the Family

Benchmark Guide to Washington

Family Members (I think)